Friday, August 23, 2013

What a SISTER!!

When Heritage Judy’s sister asked her if she would please make her a small wall quilt Judy set to work…and made not one quilt but TWO quilts!  She will let her sister chose which quilt she likes better!  What a SISTER!!

Here’s Heritage Judy’s quilt number ONE…


Lots of scrappy goodness in this wee small quilt!  I would definitely call this one a SCRAP HAPPY quilt…MY kind of quilt!!  Have I told you that H.J. is like a sister to me!!  :o)))


She also made this quilt…and she made it a bit bigger just in case her sister wants a bigger one!!


Lots of batiks in this one!


So I wonder which quilt Heritage Judy’s sister will pick??  Regardless…she is one lucky girl!!

Thanks for sharing, HJ!  If you are ever looking for a second sister, I know just where to look!

Have a FUN FRIDAY!!  And happy stitching!~P


  1. Beautiful quilts and nice that she made two so her sister can decide which one she likes. I like the first one best.


  2. I love the first. Is that made with Bonnie Hunter's Loosey Goosey block from Quiltmaker??

  3. I would pick number one.....but then I don't get a chance to choose, do I?

  4. They are both very nice quilts. So sweet of her to make two so her sister can choose. Wonder what she will do with the other one????

  5. You are so right....she is one lucky girl. Both quilts are so cheerful and bright.

  6. I might not want the choice. Aren't they both wonderful. How to choose only one.
    Looks like both sisters are lucky.

  7. Oh they are so cute! I love the top one!!!