Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heritage Happenings…

This summer our weather has been spectacular…sunny and warm!  We even broke records for the amount of sun…with NO RAIN!!  Over 400 hours of sunshine with not a drop of rain for the entire month of July….unheard of on the West Coast of Canada!!  With this great weather comes some negative impacts on our environment…like lack of water and forest fires… and the Heritage attendance going down…WHAT!!?  Shocking I know! Apparently the quilters would rather be gardening, or hiking or boating…OUTSIDE enjoying these wonderful rays!

BUT it’s all good because there are always a few die-hard quilters out there to save the day!!  SEW…even though my Heritage Happening is rather meager this week it is still spectacular none the less…

Connie is still plugging away on her SUN Bonnet Sue…all hand pieced and hand appliquéd!  Isn’t it gorgeous!! 


Wish you could feel how soft this fabric is!!  Connie is doing a wonderful job!


Tracy is working on her cat-creatures…Garden Patch Cats…


I like their names…Pippin Puss and Tom-ato!


  Tracy is hand blanket stitching them using coordinating threads.


Delores has finished one basket and…


…is on to the next!  VERY sweet!


Betty continues to crank out charity quilts and both are magnificent!  P1230851 P1230853

The Swedish stitch (not sure what it’s called) throw is finished and is a work of art!!  LOVE IT!!


This sweet quilt is made for a grand-daughter who is turning one this week!  She is going to love it!


And there was THIS Scrap Happy beauty!!


GORGEOUS…and HUGE!!  All hand pieced while at Heritage!


Geeze…is this blurry or do I need new glasses?


Regardless…still a great show!! 

I’m off for a hike, then I thought I’d go boating… after I take a swim to wash off all that gardening dirt!!  Hope you are enjoying whatever RAYS you can soak up too!


  1. Those Heritage quilters are very dedicated. Very cute garden patch cats, we have two cats, 6 yrs and 19 yrs, so I love anything cats. Sounds like you have a very busy day planned. Enjoy your boating, swimming, gardening and hiking.

  2. Such a talented group of ladies! Thanks for the show and have a wonderful afternoon!

  3. When I started to quilt, I forgot how to cook, garden, clean, the whole nine yards! Told my husband he needed to be more independent, so is now doing some cooking. Hubby needs the fresh air so does the gardening, and the cleaning lady is most precious. I'm quilting!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing some great quilts and blocks. Enjoy the weather while we have it!

  5. Your weather has been amazing! (oh, and so is the quilting LOL). We spent last weekend in Abbotsford at a wedding and loved it! My DH thinks we should move to Vancouver mosquitoes!!

  6. I love it all, esp. the sunbonnet sue quilt. I guess I'm a traditionalist! That quilt makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :))

  7. Lots of beautiful quilts and projects, love the plus quilt.


  8. Loved this quilting show, LOL!! Hey, your giftie is on it's takes a coon's age to get to you, but hey...look for it!!

  9. Oh my gosh...I love it all....

  10. Thanks for sharing! The hand pieced project is amazing!:)

  11. You must have gotten all of Florida's sunshine up your way. This has been a lousy summer here. So many cloudy days and rain. Still hot though.