Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Very Pieceful Day…

Yesterday afternoon I had a few hours before dinner…and I REALLY felt like firing up the sewing machine!  SEW I grabbed this bag of wee triangles that I bought at a garage sale for $2 and did some mindless piecing…sewing a light coloured triangle to a dark….and listened to my audio book…ahhhhhhhh…bliss!


Before I knew it, I had a long snake of triangles and the bag was empty!


I ironed each little triangle with the seam going towards the dark side…


And then got out my new Bloc Loc Ruler…it was still in cellophane so this was going to be the test drive!  This Ruler is suppose to make squaring up half square triangles a breeze!  The proof is in the pudding…

So HERE she is…see the diagonal frosted line..well that is really an indented channel where the seam nestles.

P1230923-001 Remember I pressed my seams to the dark side…see how the ruler fits right over that seam.  I want these blocks squared up to be 2” squares…


so I shave off a bit on the top and right side…

P1230925…then I SLID the ruler down to the bottom of the ruler so it was lined up with the bottom of my block.  I line it up on the 2” x 2” sides (see top and right side of block). 


You can see that it is exactly a 2” square…so then I rotary cut the left side and the bottom (just needed to cut a sliver)…and she is DONE!  Fast and easy…a perfect 2” square!  No twisting the block and no placing the ruler again! 

P1230928 It didn’t take long to square up this pile of HST! 

This Bloc Loc ruler ain’t cheap (about $27)…BUT sometimes when something is good…really, really GOOD you have to bite the bullet!!  If you do a lot of HST then hustle out and buy one of these babies…you won’t be sorry!


This is going to be a VERY sweet scrappy table topper!  Darlene from Quilting Daze was wishing everyone a very PIECEful day…I think it’s safe to say I did just that!!  Thanks, Darlene!!

I hope you get to have a PIECEful day sometime this week too! There’s nothing like it! ~P


  1. Very nice, I need one of those, mine still come out crooked, lol.


  2. Very cute little table topper. Good score for $2. I don't do a lot of half-square triangles, but with this ruler, I probably would make them more often.

  3. I think I need that ruler! I can't make square HSTs to save my life! LOL Your blocks all look great together! :0)

  4. Wow, awesome results after a few 'pieceful' hours at the machine. :-) Adorable table topper!

  5. Good find at the sale. Your hst are sweet! The BlockLoc has been tempting me, too. I'm just afraid I'll end up needing various sizes.

  6. You did a very nice job there with the triangles. That ruler sounds like a wonderful tool, I have heard about it from others too and all good things.

  7. You would have to turn something to be able to cut from the two ruler positions. Your body or the mat. I like the idea of the lock on the ruler.

    P.S. You get more good bargains. $2 for a whole bag of triangles.

  8. Very ice Paulette. Half square triangles are my favorite.

  9. I also use one of those swivel cutting mats with my bloc LCD rulers. It makes life much easier.

  10. EXCELLENT !!!
    The right tool makes for slick progress.

    Must go check to see the size of the Loc ruler


  11. I think you have just scored again! Those are sweet little HST's. I have seen the ruler demoed at shows... nice to see that it really works!

  12. Thanks for the info. I just read something about one of these but had not seen it so your photos cleared things up!

  13. Perfect half square triangles. Yes, I must have one of those rulers.

    I read Darlene's wish for a pieceful day but the 'day job' got in the way. It was peaceful however.

  14. What a great find! $2.00 for a table topper - can't beat it. This ruler looks interesting so will have to try one. Thanks for the information and pictures.

  15. I LOVE my Bloc Loc rulers. Got the flying geese too. It's just as wonderful! Your table topper looks fabulous. Can't believe you got all those triangles for $2. Your the super shopper, for sure.

  16. Wow, how beautiful. I love scrappy stuff and this one is just wonderful!

  17. That ruler looks like another must-have thing to add to my list.

  18. Very pretty. I almost threw out a bunch of scraps yesterday and then I went back and retrieved them from the yard sale pile. LOL

  19. Wow, not bad for $2! Think I might need to find one of those rulers...

  20. I love being resourceful and scrap quilts, it feels so good to create something so pretty out of what seems so little - beautiful quilt.