Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dropping by for a coffee?

You will never guess who did JUST THAT!  P1230888

None other than our very own SEW CAL GAL!  Yup…here’s where we rendezvoused!!  (Her mug is on the right!…can you see her lip prints?)

Yowzers!!  SEW CAL GAL is like the QUEEN in the quilting blogging world!!  The Jennifer Lopez of the Grammies, the Meryl Streep of the movies…well you get the idea!  She’s a big deal…and here we are talking shop…like regular people!! ;o))

We met here because it was easy for both of us to get to and frankly…if the conversation lagged there was plenty to look at!  But seriously, if you were to walk by, we wouldn’t have noticed…we were in heavy conversation the whole time.  There was a ton to discuss…from quilting, to blogging, to designers, to free motion quilting, to Quilt Shows.  An hour and a half FLEW by…and then it was time for both of us to go!  Two old friends parting…until next year…same time, same place, next year?  Or maybe lunch at Road to California?  Who knows…but one thing is for sure…we will meet up…as two old friends should!

Thanks, SEW CAL GAL…it was great meeting you!  And for someone SEW famous you were almost normal!  haha  (See we can joke like good friends can…right?…ahhh…right?…:} 

If you haven’t read SEW CAL GAL’s blog then what are you waiting for?!  Hurry on over and tell her that her new BFF sent you!  You aren’t going to meet a nicer, friendlier, kinder, more thoughtful quilter…anywhere in the Quilting World!  And you can quote me on that one!

Have a good one!! P:O)


  1. Oh my am I blushing. But I do so enjoy our visit over coffee and tea. We'll definitely have to do this again.



  2. Wow, how awesome. SewCalGal is definitely well regarded in the quilting community, and what a beautiful spot for coffee. You rule, P.

  3. What a fun rendezvous. Lucky you!

    Of course, she's a nice person; her name is Darlene. haha!

  4. That is wonderful that you two could meet up and that you had such a nice time together.


  5. I think it's great you two got to meet. I enjoy both of your blogs! Isn't the web great!!

  6. What a beautiful place to chat with a friend...with common bonds!! Love it.

  7. How great for you both and what a wonderful place to meet.

  8. How fun! I'm sure you had lots to visit about.:)