Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another…


I have been REALLY lucky lately…it was another big win for me over at Woolie Mommoth Blog!!  I have been lusting over this pattern for some time now…P1240046

…I was planning on buying it when down south this winter but now I don’t have to!  (Insert a happy dance!!) It arrived in the Mail yesterday…along with this lovely piece of red checked wool (Anna knows me well…:)


You are probably wondering WHY a Canadian would get excited over an American patriotic quilt pattern…??  Sure there are American Flags on every corner…but we Canadians look beyond that!!  Let’s plunk those flags out of the birds’ mouths (no offence to the Americans!!)…and place twigs of berries instead…and let’s get rid of the red, white and blue and haul out the Civil War fabrics…Do you see where I’m coming from…?  Yup, I’m loving this little quilt…A LOT!!

This pattern was designed by Norma Whalley when she was with Geoff’s Mom Pattern Co.…man, now this lady knows how to design a quilt!!

We’ve all seen “In the Meadow You Can Build a Snowman”…GORGEOUS!!  I predict a Blog Wide Sew-A-Long using this pattern, happening this Winter!  Care to join me and several other quilters…?


Come on you KNOW you wanna!! (You’ve got to get ready…Winter’s a coming!!  You can find the pattern HERE!)

Oh and have you seen Norma’s newest design…a matching TREE SKIRT! 


Were those screams of delight that I just heard?? …Come on simmer down…but YES,I know…hard to resist!!

I predict that we might just HAVE to do BOTH these project because they just SEEM to GO TOGETHER!

FYI…this pattern is called '”Woodland Tree Skirt” by Norma’s newest company ‘Timeless Traditions’.

And then in the SPRING…how about “Star Garden”??  Man…I sure hope this lady slows down a little, so that we can get caught up!!

Star Garden_thumb

Ahhhh…Nothing like wishful thinking on a Sunday morning…

Have a great week!!~P


  1. I love the Star Garden!!! Can't wait for that one.

  2. Oh for goodness sakes, Paulette, would you stop it already? Your enthusiasm for new projects is entirely too contagious! Thanks to you, I'm already working on a Winding Ways quilt, I've got an order in for the Marcus Brothers Clamshell quilt for when it comes out this fall, I'm thinking about buying an RV so that I can find my own Clubhouse Quilters south of the border when I retire from teaching in a few years, and now I have to build a snowman in the meadow yet too? Honestly, you have to stop being so excited and infectious! I'm trying to be good here and reduce my pile of WIPs and UFOs at least a little bit ;)

  3. Yes, I will quilt along.I have the pattern and the fabrics...let's go this fall!!

  4. All wonderful projects Paulette. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    I would love to build a snowman in the meadow and a matching tree skirt! I wonder if I can find kits somewhere???

  5. I have thought of doing that tree skirt. It would work well in my home. Mary from Quilt Hollow would like that crow pattern!

  6. Great patterns to work on and i love the tree skirt.


  7. They're all sew pretty but I think the Tree Skirt is just near perfect...and the Star Garden is fabulous too. Oh my gosh they're all stunning. Thanks for push again, I think!

  8. I love, love, love In The Meadow! I'd join you but I have so many UFOs now that I'm ashamed to begin anything new. :) And to be perfectly honest the price of the pattern is daunting for me. I know their production costs probably dictate the price but the newer more costly patterns are just too much for my budget any more. I'll watch you do it and enjoy from afar! blessings, marlene

  9. Congrats onyet another win, where do you hide your horseshoes?

    Looking forward to seeing your redesign of the flag quilt. In the meadow looks cute, have fun with it.

  10. I'm in total agreement about replacing the flags with berries, and I'm an American! LOL!!

    Those xmas projects are lovely, but forget it. All that applique? EEK!!

  11. Loved your post as usual lady! You always bring a smile to my face. That Norma is one beautiful designer! Have a great day!

  12. It is looking so nice because the design is unique and I have not seen yet like it.

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  13. those are some great patterns. congrats on your win.