Friday, August 16, 2013

A One Woman Show…

…and what a show it was!!   Now that Glynis has become a regular Heritage Quilt Guild member, we get to see what she is working on on a regular basis!! 

Just feast your eyes on this baby~


VERY sweet…and just look at her workmanship!  A+!!


Oh man, I love mottled hand dyed wool!!  This mat is small but it makes a huge impact!  Gorgeous!

The pattern is a Lily Anna Stitches…(don’t you just love Glynis’ leather thimble!!)


Are you sitting down…because this one will take your breath away!!  The pattern is from the book “Quilts From Grandmother’s Garden” by Jaynette Huff and it is STUNNING!! 


Sorry if this is blurry…but you get the idea!


Zooming in for that close-up…magnificent!

P1230908 P1230909 P1230910 P1230911

Wish you could see the machine quilting…lovely!


And this is what Glynis was working on during our Heritage time together!

This was a FREE pattern offered a while back from Primitive Gatherings (if you ordered over $25)…well Glynis received the pattern and liked it so much that she went back and ordered the KIT! 

P1230916 P1230917

And we are SEW glad she did…

We got to see first hand how adorable this quilt is!!


I wonder what project Glynis will be working on next week?  Can’t wait for SHARING!! She is such a nice addition to our little group..don’t cha’ think!

Have a beautiful day!! 

Ooops!  Speaking of days…it’s my sister’s birthday today!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARLENE!!  Remember… age is only a number!  You are as young as you feel…and you look FANTASTIC!!  Life is all good at any age! 

Before I forget…it’s the last day for our SIMPLY PUT GIVE AWAY!!  You need to go HERE if you haven’t already entered!!

Good luck!~P


  1. Gorgeous work! How fun to see it happen right in front of you. Love the cheddar!

  2. Wow, stunning work. I'm in awe.

  3. Beautiful pieces and beautiful work on them.
    I do have the pumpkin piece, that is on my coming up list for fall.


  4. Oh my, these quilts are absolutely gorgeous! The fabrics are so beautiful. Thanks for the links for the patterns. Have a great weekend!

  5. Wowzers! Now that gives us all something to aspire to! I've often drooled over that very quilt from Grandmothers Flower Garden...and now I'm sitting in a puddle...better wipe up and get to work!

  6. Stunning quilt; Paulette.....and a Happy Birthday to your sister.

  7. What beautiful work! She definitely would be very inspirational to work with ;o)

  8. Paulette, the eye candy was delish!

  9. I love it all. Glynis is doing a wonderful job. I am also working on the same project from the Grandmother's Flower Garden book. I am doing 1/2 inch hexies. The 1/4 inch were just a bit to tiny for me. Is she doing the 1/4 inch?
    Tell her to keep on stitchin.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. That's some beautiful work, I love all of them, but the garden quilt and the mat are stunning!

  11. Holy smack a doodles - that hexie quilt is amazing - gorgeous as well as her other quilts. Yup she's a nice addition to your group. Thanks for sharing
    Hugs - karen

  12. Is Glynis a lost sister of blogless Sandy??? Absolutely beautiful!

  13. Glynnis is obviously a very talented quilter. Thanks for showing us some of her work.

  14. Simply stunning! Jaynette Huff's patterns (and quilts) are beautifully detailed. She's been to our guild a couple of times and its inspiring to see her quilts. Blessings, Marlene

  15. Amazing quilts! Practice does pay off!

    Thanks for sharing Paulette!

  16. Paulette,
    Last week I went on a little roadtrip and guess where I ended up?! You got it--Primitive Gatherings Shop in Manasha WI. The 3+ hour drive was so worth it. Do you want to see my pictures of the shop and what I bought? The clerk didn't really want me to take pictures, but said that I could since I wasn't a competitive vendor. The shop is definitely my lifetime favorite.