Sunday, November 10, 2013

It’s a WIN! WIN!

Yup…TWO wins arrived this week…so I’m feeling LUCKY!  Time to go and buy a lottery ticket, I’m thinking…or should I ‘quilt’ while I’m ahead!! :0)

First off, this arrived from the ‘Quilted Crow Girls Blog’!!  Love their blog!!  There is something about ‘following’ quilt designers…you get a first hand insight into the designing process and a glimpse into things to come!!  Love that!


Thanks Quilted Crow Girls!!  I love this pattern!  If you look carefully you can see that they have alternated stitched pieced blocks with wool applique blocks using traditional oak leaf shapes…and then they have done REVERSE applique inside each leaf using civil war prints!  LOVE it!  You can see it better on the big oak leaf in the centre of the quilt!  VERY clever!  Another one to add to that loooonnnng ‘TO DO LIST’!

And from Jo’s Give Away over at Jo’s Country Junction I was thrilled to received Maggie Bonanomi’s new book “Another Place and Time”.


I have been doing a happy dance ever since I received word that I won this book!!  I am a HUGE fan of Maggie B’s!


This book is SEW unlike the rest of Maggie’s work…hence the name of the book!  All the projects have an old world charm to them…almost primitive but not.  Everything is muted and faded… the wool lovers version of the NEUTRAL craze!  Hardly any colour has been added to any of the projects…just subtle hints of colour here and there…

I agree with Jo…the Maggie’s Wool Sampler is my favourite too!


Followed by ‘Applique in Neutrals’…but maybe I would add some greens and blues…and reds…and not make it so neutral!  In that case…I would have to change the name of it to ‘Not SEW Neutrals’!


It’s a great read…thanks SEW much, JO from Jo’s Country Junction!!  I love this book and I enjoyed reading about Maggie herself!

Hey, if you don’t follow Jo, then slap yourself on the side of the head and head on over!  Jo and her daughters give a whole new meaning to the Quilting process…and designing and life on a farm! 

Have a SUNNY Sunday…and happy stitching!!  (ONLY 45 DAYS till Christmas…but who’s counting?!)~P


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful pattern and a great book! Enjoy! Thanks for the links.

  2. Congrats on winning such wonderful goodies! Lots of inspiration here!

  3. Congrats you lucky dawg! I love neutrals, but colors are wonderful too!!

  4. Wahoo, looks like a great book. Must be fun when the mailman, er mailperson delivers at your house.

  5. Don't stop now! Buy that lottery ticket. Third time's the charm! Maggie's new book looks fantastic!

  6. Congrat's. Can't wait to see what you make.

  7. Be still my heart...I LOVE both your wins! I wish you lived next door...I would come over and borrow your wins or at least rub the top of your head for good luck! lol

  8. I am jealous, lol. Love Maggie's books and this one looks great, still need to make things from some of her designs.


  9. Love the pattern, and that book is just your style. What a lucky girl you are. I say buy a lotto ticket.

  10. You are on a roll. That book looks perfect for you too!


  11. Great score on obth wins, the Maggie B book looks interesting. Would like to peruse a copy for awhile,

    Enjoy them both.