Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a Woman!

Welcome!  If you are a regular reader than you already KNOW that my friend, Glynis is an extraordinary quilter/wool worker…what you don’t know about Glynis is that she is also a famous gardener!  Her gardens have been open to the public for Garden Tours, usually to help raise money for charity!  This morning YOU get to tour Glynis’ garden for FREE!  So bring your coffee and let’s go…

Here we are at Glynis’ front door…yup, definitely Glynis’ house…See the sweet Quilted banner…she likes to let the neighbours know what month it is!  :o)


This morning we are not going to use the front door…we need to go around to the back where the GARDEN is…Check out what is on the side of her house…Is this not the cutest little vignette?  A little reminder that Glynis’ husband, John, was in the gas/oil business before retiring…


Ahhh…here is the gate that we are looking for…leading down to the garden path!


WOW!!  Like a hidden oasis!  OK…now YOU get to wander at your leisure…make sure you check out the ponds, the rock streams and all the features.  Glynis is the gardener and John makes the ‘stuff’…what a GREAT TEAM!


Can you see John’s newest project…a new green house behind the gazebo!  It will come in handy to store some of their more delicate plants during our winter months.  Such a handy man!


Their property backs up onto the Oak Tree Ecological Reserve…which is stunning on it’s own!


I loved seeing all the little do-dads hidden here and there!  Can you imagine all the work that it takes to keep this yard looking the way that it does?  Incredible!  It is so lush and green…and not one weed in sight! 


BUT…enough about gardening!!  More importantly, what has Glynis been doing INSIDE her house??  We followed the quilts…and pillows up to her sewing room for a look…

These are the monthly pillows that Glynis has been stitching along with Scrap, Quilt and Stitch Blog…and yes, they are ALL wonderful!


Isn’t this a new quilt hanging?  It’s a Pat Sloan pattern…and it is lovely!


Ahhh…here we are…this is what Glynis is working on!!  Lisa’s (Primitive Gatherings) free Sew A-Long quilt…and let me tell you, it is adorable!


And feast your eyes on her candy basket…FULL of wee packages of blocks..it’s Lisa’s SBOM which Glynis is planning on attacking once the rain starts!  


And on the quilt rack are various quilts in different stages of completion…NO UFOs for Glynis!!  (hmmm do you think her secret is to lay them out on a quilt rack where they are fully visible and not put them into totes and into closets?  Out of sight…out of mind…?)


Her ‘Winter Solstice’ was hanging on her work wall…and it is almost completed!!  Yes, she is working on her border!!  Let me tell you that it is STUNNING!! But I will save that one for another time…This month the quilters involved in the  Winter Solstice Sew Along are to have the wee houses and stars completed.  The big reveal is this SUNDAY and let me assure you that Glynis’ homework will be completed…haha!!  Yes, there is one in EVERY crowd!!

I think it’s safe to say that most days you will find Glynis in her garden or her sewing room…or biking, hiking, walking…or volunteering at the local elderly care facility!!  I also think that it’s safe to say that whatever Glynis is working on, it will be wonderful…and definitely FUN! 

Now I need a nap…it’s hard to keep up with her!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh my!! What a beautiful garden... so much to look at with exquisite plants. Love the August hanging design at the door..
    Great basket of goodies too :)
    smiles :)

  2. What a retreat/paradise--inside and out! Quilters are the best! Thank you for the show. I have that Pat Sloan pattern, should move it to the top of the pile?

  3. Beautiful garden. Most of the plants must take care of themselves as Glynis gets so much quilting done. I can see she likes garden style quilts too. I have no green thumb and we have a small yard. A few plants that survive without much care. My favorite of her plants is the bottle tree. Cobalt glass is my favorite.

  4. Oh my, I understand the need for a nap!! :) Beautiful beautiful garden! What work behind this!!
    And beautiful quilts! I like the idea of a quilted banner for each month. Thank you for the eye-candy!
    Fortunately I had my cup of coffee!
    Best wishes!

  5. I'm in awe to say the least, thanks for sharing with us.

  6. WOW! I now have a severe case of the "what do I do all day that keeps me from being that productive" blues. Her garden and her quilts are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Guess I'll go water the two plants I have this year....

  7. Beautiful gardens!! Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Thanks for sharing her lovely west coast rainforest garden. I'm amazed how green it is with the hot dry summer we've had here.

    Thanks for also sharing some of her quilting!

  9. What a wonderful garden tour, P. Thanks so much for sharing. Especially liked the little ponds. Glynis has a lovely touch with her quilts as well as her garden. And I do have a quilt rack with my UFOs fully visible at the bottom of my bed. But somehow, they still seem to be there. Maybe I need Glynis to come over and show me how it's done.lol

  10. Your friend is a very talented gardener and her husbands contributions are wonderful as well. Love it! It looks peaceful.

    We don't have a garden, we have a YARD (which implies what gardening skill level we have)!

  11. WOW. Glynis is more than an "A" type person. Is there a double A type personality?

  12. Her garden is amazing! The rock walls are wonderful.

  13. Wow! What a garden, here in England where land is so limited this is what most of us dream of. A yard to us is just that ie 3 foot square!!!! I so love reading your blog always a treat .

  14. I love that backyard, would love to have mine look like that.


  15. Some people are born with wonderful talent as in Glynis and her husband for gardening etc. and quilting,the rest of us dream and do our best.

    Love the Pat Sloan wall-hanging. I was checking Pat's website the other day for a new applique pattern but did not see this one.

    Thank you for the wonderful tour.

  16. What a wonderful tour......how in the heck does she find the time to do is all......

  17. Wow. Just beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share.


  18. I so enjoyed the stroll in the garden, it certainly is a very lovely place to stop and admire and must make a lovely spot to sit and stitch in on a sunny day. Very nice quilting too

  19. Oh, my goodness! what a gorgeous yard. I know she spent lots of hours getting it to look so beautiful. I love that basket quilt.
    I am working on the PG quilt too.