Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feeling a little like Alice…

This morning while trying to find a specific FREE PATTERN…this one to be exact (found on Faeries and Fibres Blog)…

free basket quilt

I stumble onto another BLOG that made me feel a little like Alice in Wonderland falling through that magical rabbit hole!  Oh the sights…OHHHHH the FREE PATTERNS!!

You have GOT TO GO!  Be warn it’s quite the ‘trip’! 
There was a RAINBOW of FREE Patterns and no witch to be seen!!  GO HERE and have FUN…but remember to find your way back and then get stitching! 

You’re off to see the Wizard the wonderful Wizard of Oz…~P

PS…You can find the ‘Baskets and Nine Patch Pattern’ by Karen H. HERE!!  Thank YOU, Karen H.!!


  1. Yes,can you hear my echoes as I fall willingly.

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  3. You and I were on the same road this morning. I too spent quite some time at Quilt Inspirations looking and saving some great quilt patterns. Inspiration!!!

  4. Great post today, thank you Paulette !

  5. They do have a lot of great free patterns and I do follow her blog, lots of great inspiration.


  6. I don't know if I should say thank you or say bad words for putting the link up.;) Now I'm going to be spending time finding more quilts to make. Just took a quick look and found the perfect fall leaves quilt to start next week. Good thing I have a big stash!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt with that basket border. All those feathered quilted around the baskets and negative space. Wowser!

  8. Hi Paulette - I just stumbled across your lovely blog and wanted to say thank you for your kind words! I love sharing what I do with others and I plan on writing more free quilt patterns in the near future! Now I'm off to read your blog posts!