Saturday, August 23, 2014

It’s a Wrap!

…as in finished and ready to wrap up!  IMG_1756-001

The pattern is called ‘Science Fair’ by Jaybird Quilts.  I made this quilt a lot bigger than the pattern called for… just shy of queen size! 


If this pattern is any indication of what Jaybird patterns are like then I am SOLD!!  It was the BEST written pattern EVER!  Tons of pictures, clear and concise instructions and put into a mini book form …yet it was still the same price as a regular pattern!  I would definitely make this quilt again as it was a fun one to make! 


Check out the gorgeous quilting…done by Hazel, an extraordinary long arm quilter!  I KNEW this quilt would not get done in time if left to me…and it is a birthday quilt!  Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get someone else to do the dirty deed…and Hazel was just the person!!  She did an amazing job!


Thanks to Jaybird instructions, the binding for the 120 degree angles was a breeze!


Yup…I would definitely make this quilt again!


Oh…and the icing on the cake…the soft minkie on the back!!  This quilt was made to be USED!!  So soft, cuddly and VERY cozy!


Thanks for stopping by…hope you enjoyed the ‘Science Fair’!

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Fantastic job! Doesn't look that easy to me. I'm sure the new owner will love it.

  2. What a beautiful birthday present. It does look very nice resting on your wicker chair though. Hazel did wonderful quilting on it too.

  3. Fantastic quilt! The quilting perfectly compliments the quilt top design. The minky looks wonderfully snuggly.

  4. That came out beautifully, love the design the fabrics and the quilting really made it fun.


  5. Very nice. I recently made the lap size version of this quilt. It was a fun and easy pattern. I love your quilting, suits the quilt perfectly!

  6. What fun quilting! It is beautiful.

  7. Really like your color palette, somebody's going to receive an awesome gift.

  8. That's just beautiful SP. I love the colours you used, and the quilting sets it all off perfectly. Lucky daughter.

  9. I am very taken with this quilt beautifully made and how you managed to bind it so perfectly on those hexies is amazing

  10. Beautiful.....and the quilting is so nicely done it really adds to the beauty of the quilt....

  11. Looks great and that minkie on the back is reason enough to send it out for quilting. I can't imagine trying to hold that slippery stuff and move it through my machine!

  12. Gorgeous quilt! Love the colours you used and how you made it larger. Awesome!