Friday, August 29, 2014

It’s TWINS!!

Remember this quilt?  I made it earlier this year and I loved it!  It was fast and easy and dang, stinking cute!


I need to make two more baby quilts…this time for TWINS!!  The parents found out that the twins are a boy and a girl early on, so I have had plenty of time to thinking about these quilts!  I love the planning ‘stage’ of quilt building…but I keep coming BACK to this quilt!

I want one quilt to be pink and one to be blue…but I also want them to have a common fabric to tie the two quilts together…they ARE after all TWINS!!

SEW this is what I came up with…think two hexie quilts similar to the quilt I made for little Arthur…In my stash I knew I had this yummy baby fabric…I believe it’s Bunny Hill Fabric from a few years ago…


Pink and browns for the girl…


And blue and browns for the boy…


I set to work…First step was making the paper hexagon templates…I used old file folders and my paper rotary cutters…


I put a stack on the middle size hexie of the GO! cutter and..


whacked away until…


I had a nice stack of cardboard templates!  YEAH!


Mix the templates in a bag with the fabric, templates, needle and thread…give the bag a shake and take it with you wherever you go and Presto!  The hexies will be ready before you know it!  Like magic!


Stay tuned…Houdini had nothing over a quilter on a mission!!

Have a FUN Friday and happy stitching!~P


  1. I did not know that paper templates could be cut with a go-cutter. Brilliant! Of course I don't have one....

  2. Oh so cute! They will be adorable! XO

  3. I haven't used my Go cutter fro Paper either. Good idea. You are set for a Road trip or a few Chick flicks on TV. Have fun doing all those fun Hexies! I love the Pink & Brown/Blue Brown combos.

  4. The fabric choices are sweet..and the quilt is really cute. Will you do a little tut on how you do your hexies?

  5. Great idea to cut the templates on your GO! If you cut the fabric hexies on the largest part of that die, will they be the right size to fit over the templates? Or would they be too big? These quilts are going to be adorable!

  6. Cute idea for the twins quilt! That Go Cutter is pretty slick.
    I thought you were going to say, "put them all in the bag, shake it up and they come out sewn together!" That would be quite the trick.......happy sewing!

  7. And here I thought you were going to be telling us someone was expecting twins in your family!!

  8. Lovely choice of fabrics! Can't wait to see the finished quilts. Happy Labour Day weekend!

  9. Don't drink the water! Babies galore happening in your area.

  10. I haven't tried the go with anything but cotton, but need to try different things. I think that will be fun to make similar quilts for each baby.


  11. What a great idea - two quilts, the same only different. They are going to look so cute.

  12. Great choices the Arthur quilt

  13. lovely idea to tie them together with the brown, I cut my card hexies on a sizzix, mission this week is to cut loads of 2" ones as I just bought the die. Do not cut the fabric though, just use rectangles for that