Monday, May 20, 2013

Scrap Happy Diversion…

A few weeks ago, I bought a Ziploc bag of nine patch blocks from the Share Table at Heritage.  I know…I know…I do NOT need someone else’s UFOs!  I have plenty of my own!  But these nine patch blocks were scrappy…and not very happy!  They needed a home…one where they would be loved and appreciated for their scrappy goodness!

I had lost steam on the modern zig zag quilt that I am making for my daughter and these were the perfect diversion…I needed to PLAY!!  And play I did…

Man, I love the Internet…after deciding to put the blocks on point I  Googled ‘Putting quilt blocks on point’ and got this site by Quilt Bug.  Made it SEW easy!!

I teamed the blocks up with a beige Kona cotton…and formed my rows…P1230286

Laid them out…

P1230285 And stitched them together… P1230284

Before I knew it…the rows were together and I had a quilt top!


Then I added a wide beige border to make it appear that the blocks were floating and then decided to add a wonky vine running around the circumference….(Sorry this is so wrinkled…it happens to the best of us!:)P1230367  SEW…this is where I’m at today…I have a new hand stitching project waiting for me…I will hand appliqué the vine to the quilt before I even think about adding leaves and flowers!!

Isn’t it weird how someone else’s UFO looks way more appealing then your own?  Maybe the secret to getting UFOs finished is to trade them with a friend!  Hmmmm food for thought!!  What I do know is that I am loving this scrap HAPPY quilt…and yes, it is HAPPY!!

Hey, the sun is shining in my corner of the world this morning…and just listen to those birds!!   How about you??  Are you having a sunny scrap HAPPY Day?  I sure hope SEW! ~P


  1. You are very creative with those UFO's. Thanks for sharing the link for the on point settings. Your scrappy quilt is going to be beautiful.
    Raining here, so a good day to play in my studio and stitch away.

  2. That really came together beautifully and it looks beautiful.


  3. Wow, I love that! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave from

  4. Great looking quilt. I'm always a sucker for a 9 patch, it's a block I seem to make over and over.

  5. Love It! I know now you know about UFO each year my quilt group fill a table with things we don't need and then we have to finish it and share the next year. Glad you are blogging a little again and here in Oregon we have the rain each day. Sally A

  6. Congratulations on your playtime design, looks like you had a great time recreating the blogs it looks lovely.

    You'll have lots of space to do some lovely quilting in those alternate beige blocks.

    I look forward to seeing the finished top andthenquiltl

  7. What a wonderfully happy quilt! Good for you for turning some blocks into a fabulous quilt top! Well done!

  8. great job!
    lovin' all the colors!

  9. I am doing a scrappy nine patch right now too.. trying to use up some of my OVERFLOWING scrap basket. I am using Kona white for my background . Just like the dryer eats socks, my scrap basket multiplies. Just unexplainable happenings..
    Love how you set yours on goes from an Irish chain to something totally different.

  10. are fast!! It's a great quilt.

  11. Love how your quilt is coming along! So fun to start with pre-sewn blocks and just play.:)

  12. What a lovely job you have done to the nine patch. I have just finished a nine patch quilt myself. I bordered all around each block and added a border to finish it but I do like how you put yours on point. Nicely done!!

  13. What a lovely finish to those homeless little squares!

  14. What a beautiful certainly made those nine patch blocks happy. Really love it. Hugs...

  15. Turned out great and your applique will just make it better. I too have a stack of 9 patches hiding in my sewing cupboards somewhere. Time to search them out.

  16. Great job, want to come and finish some of my UFO's? I love the look of 9 patches, but don't like making them. It will be a great quilt with the applique border.

  17. Love your quilt..but look at this one I found on fat quarters website located in vista, ca
    I hope the link works... If not.. I will email it to you personally .


  18. Sometimes we just need to walk away from our own projects! Something "new" gets our juices flowing. I love these 9-patches.