Friday, May 17, 2013

Hands Across the Water…part two…

If you missed yesterday’s post then you didn’t get to see some of the incredible quilts that were hanging at our annual Hands Across the Water celebrations!  You might want to go back to Part 1 for a look-see!

The rest of us will wait while you catch up…

At the Hands Across the Water get together there were tons of door prizes…


AND of course there was our Basket Raffle!  This is a huge money maker for the hosting guild. 


And we had vendors…yes, a little shopping is just what the quilters ordered!  :o)))


But let’s get on with the show…

I have a few more Heritage Quilts to show you before I hand the mike over to visiting guilds…



P1230325 P1230326

This isn’t a quilt but I just HAD to take a picture of this unique quilt hanger…looks hand made…P1230327

I thought you might like to whip up a few…a couple of turns with the pliers and presto…An amazing quilt hanger…!!  The perfect gift for any quilter…


OK…now it’s time for our visitors to strut their stuff…and strut they did!!  Amazing quilts!  P1230332 P1230335 P1230336


P1230338 P1230339 P1230340

Told you they were talented! And this was just a small sampling!


But not to be out done…we brought out the big guns…our own Gloria S. Daly…Quilt and Fibre Artist extraordinaire!  [You can visit her website HERE.]P1230330

Gloria shared a snippet of her newest project ‘Blanket Statement’ (geeze, I hope I got the title correct…I REALLY need to write things down!!)  Her work is focused around wool blankets…and each finished creation tells a story. 


We heard just enough of the story to hook us…now we have to go to the SHOW to hear the rest of her story!

P1230344 P1230345 P1230346

This one was my favourite…loved this quilt and the STITCHING!!


Thanks you, Gloria!  Gloria always puts on a great show and the ladies from across the water were notably impressed!  AND because their mouths were hanging open, we thought we better feed them!!

  Ohhh my…what a spread…but then we quilters do like to eat!  Next to quilting, it probably our most favourite thing to do!


The last thing on the agenda was the big draw for all the Raffle Prizes…

Sandy cleaned up!  She won what she was after…this lovely pot and a BOM appliqué pattern called ‘Heart and Home’…and she was just saying that she would like to try her hand at appliqué!  Looks like she gets her wish…times 12!!  Be careful what you wish for!!:o)))


Now I’m wondering WHO won this basket full of goodies?…Yup…it was ME!!  I never win anything in REAL LIFE!  I think my luck has changed…first stop on the was home was to the Lottery counter!


It was a great day!!  I was it’s hard work having fun ALL DAY LONG!!  Just imagine how Carol’s committee felt! 

Thanks you Carol and Crew for all your hard work in organizing and executing this event!  You out did yourselves!! 

Sew the Banner gets passed to the ladies across the water!!  Next year we are off to one of the Islands!!  I can’t wait…and you of course will get to come along!

Thanks for spending part of your Friday morning with me!!  I hope it’s sunny in your little corner of the world!  It’s rainy here…but it’s all good.  I have a sweet little quilt top begging for a touch of appliqué…(key word..just a TOUCH!) ~P


  1. Thnk you for sharing those beautiful quilts and stories. Lots of great talent out there!!!

  2. It looks like a wonderful show and lots of quilts to inspire. It is always fun to see things quilted by others, sometimes the patterns don't do them justice.


  3. Never tire looking at quilts, thanks and great win!

  4. Thanks for the quilt show with my tea...............


  5. The Blanket Statement pieces look very intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. We are getting rain like you, but your blog is sunny! Loved seeing all the quilts and the happy quilters. And congrats for your win...good luck with that lottery...giggle!

  7. Aha, there you are! I haven't been able to get in to visit you for a few days. Every time I tried to load your blog it crashed. Still seems OK today.

    Thanks for all the lovely quilt pictures, and congratulations on finishing your Monkey quilt, and on winning a basket of goodies.

  8. What beautiful quilts!! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a great time and congrats on your win!! You are the luckiest person ever!:) Have a great weekend!

  9. Stunning quilts--lots and lots of work went into those beauties!

  10. Lovely, lovely, lovely! So many good ideas. Now get outta my way I'm heading to my sewing room.

    It's raining here too....and today is our Church youth groups car wash to earn some money for camp. Oh well....I'm sure the bake sale will bring in lots.

  11. Hi,
    I am so happy to have been sent to your blog! I LOVE a blog with lots of pictures! Congratulations on winning that basket of goodies! I spotted a cute little stuffed elephant! Do you know who made it and if so, could you help me find the pattern? I am into elephants lately. I found a pattern for a two legged one and have made several with intentions to send them to an orphanage in Uganda. I think the 4 legged one would be much better so it can stand up! Many thanks if you are able to help! I just might spend the rest of the day on my laptop enjoying the photos on your blog.One other thing... I absolutely LOVE the little thread, scissors, seam ripper holder-in your header.