Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nanaimo Quilt Show 2013…

I promised you quilts today…lots and lots of quilts…They are all from the Nanaimo Guilds Quilt Show, which we went to on Friday…SEW… pour yourself a coffee and put your feet up…you are in for a treat!

I’m not really into ‘art quilts’ but this one sure caught my eye!  It was so detailed…I wish you could see the man’s hair.  It was made out of a coarse thread and REALLY looked like it was wind tossed…and the waves on the water were very realistic …yup..I really liked this quilt!  Do you see how she used the photo as an example…


I even enjoyed Maggie’s write up!!


This one is called ‘Quiet Village’ from a McCall’s Quilting Magazine…very pretty!  It was the border that really made this quilt come to life!

P1230410  P1230412                 P1230414 

This was one of my favourites in the show…It is from Quiltmania Magazine #82!  Loved it!


You NEED to get up-close and personal …

P1230439Loved the way it was quilted…hope that you can you see too…  P1230441 P1230442

I enjoyed seeing this stunner in person as I have seen it on several blogs!!


And this sweet wall hanging…a Japanese twist on Sunbonnet Sue. P1230446

Scrappy Twins..both were lovely!


There were lots of Crabapple Hill quilts…this one is waiting on my ‘To-Do List’!


Also loved  this one too…yikes!  It’s called ‘Snowdays’…and it’s calling my name! 

P1230418 P1230419 P1230420 P1230421 P1230422 

A sweet scrap happy chicken quilt…


A wonderful ‘Laundry Basket’ quilt…


Loved the play of colours in this scrappy quilt.


A Cheri Payne quilt…sweet!


Another MAGNIFICENT ‘Laundry Basket’ quilt!  Yowzers but there were a lot of wee pieces!  My hat is off to this quilter!


This small quilt caught my attentions…made with fabrics from India that were hand dyed… 


Here’s the written info on this quilt…love the way the fabric takes centre stage in this quilt!


And a close-up…


This quilt was pretty…


…and the quilting bumped it up several notches! 


Loved this quilt…another one that I HAVE to do!

P1230432 P1230433

I enjoy seeing ANYTHING ‘Rouennerie’ by French General!


Another Crabapple Hill design…this one called ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’!

P1230435 P1230436

Yikes…we are only half finished the show and just look at how many quilts I have shown you!!  Tomorrow is another day!  Hope you are up for it!?

Thanks for coming along…see you tomorrow!! :~P


  1. Really wonderful quilt show and lots of diversity.
    Love the first one and how she did the clothes so they look natural.


  2. A blog buddy and myself have been working on Snow Days since 2011... lol! She's a lot closer to finished than I am! ;-) The "Magnificent Laundry Basket Quilt" you have pictured is called Spring Bouquet... the applique pieces come as laser pre-cuts... yep... I have that kit too! Love it all!

  3. Looks like a great quilt show. Thanks for showing all those lovely photos... I recognise more than quilt there that I have the pattern for. Seeing them made is giving me the itch to stitch.

  4. What a display of quilts! The first one was amazing!

  5. I have done some of those quilts so it was great to see them (by someone else) quilted and done.. never are there 2 the same due to the variety of our tastes.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Did you have to ride the ferry to get to the quilt show or was it more local? Lots of eye candy. The Quiltmania quilt is spectacular.

  7. Missed it this year so glad you are sharing your pictures, Grandma-in-waiting!

  8. Thank you for sharing all that eye candy... so beautiful and inspirational!!

  9. Love the applique one, but vision it done it wool. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Beautiful quilts and such talent and skill

  11. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts.....very inspiring!

  12. Thank you for a wonderful show!

  13. I like it when you share eye candy with us! The yellow one with the red flowers is so striking!