Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Birds Keep Singing...

I'm still playing...the trees and birds are finished...

Here's a few close-ups of the birds...

Got to have a wee blue bird of happiness on this quilt!

                            I declare enough!

 Time to start laying out and planning placement...

Around each tree will go improv triangles...

So it looks like that is where I am right now...making sashing...which means lots of improv triangles to add a splash of colour and interest!

This has been such a fun and freeing project...slash and sew, slash and sew!  It was fun to watch my trees grow into a small forest.

Speaking of forests...there must be a new forest fire nearby as it is very smokey this morning!  Our real forests need rain badly as we have had such a dry, hot summer.  Even in the heat and discomfort the birds keep singing!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P

PS...Bird tutorials can be found HERE and HERE.  Tree Tutorial can be found HERE.  Thank you ladies for all of your help!  (Don't you LOVE quilters and their blogs!)


  1. The trees and birds have a contemporary look. Something I usually don't care for all that much. But these blocks all together have struck my fancy.

  2. Love where you are heading with your Flock in the Forest Paulette! Definitely out of the box putting all those different sized blocks together for you!

  3. This is SO very cool and the process looks like lots of fun. I'm keen to see how it looks with the sashing. I'm also doing a lot of self talk so as to not run to the sewing room and start one right now!

  4. It seemed a bit smokey here too this morning, but the sun is shining now. Usually I can see the Coast Mountains from my kitchen window, but they are not visible so maybe the smoke is coming from Washington state. Good thing your trees are indoor trees. Cute quilt, and I love the sashing. Really makes things pop.

  5. I love how that looks together, such a fun quilt.


  6. This is a very interesting project. I really like this and your pretty birds too.

  7. the birds are gong to be so happy on your trees, not just sashing but fancy sashing, this is going to be one super wallhanging

  8. I love the addition of Birds to go with your Improv Trees. Good thinking!

  9. Oh I just love the improv of this one!!! Will look forward to seeing it as a finish!! (I will be fun to quilt too!)

  10. Oh I just love the improv of this one!!! Will look forward to seeing it as a finish!! (I will be fun to quilt too!)