Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WHAT a Day!…in a good way…a VERY good way!!

Yesterday we were off BEFORE the crack of dawn…before 5am!   The stars were out, so we KNEW it was going to be a great day…and a great day it was!

Incase you have forgotten, we were off to Siena’s Sechelt home to pick up the B-Line Quilting Frame that she gifted me!  {See yesterday’s post if you missed all the excitement!}

Sechelt is on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia which means we had to take TWO ferries to get there…and then back… so TIMES 2…so that’s Four ferries and for a total of about 6 hours ON the ferries..then factor in the waits for the ferries...this made for a VERY loooonnnng day!image

But man was the scenery every STUNNING!  Don’t tell anyone this but we REALLY do live in a gorgeous corner of the world!  Shhhh….


In the distance you can see the Vancouver skyline!


We arrived at Siena’s with no problems at all…and then in all the hubbub forgot to take pictures!!  Thank goodness my hubby got a few shots! 

Thought you’d like to see Siena’s new toy!!!  Isn’t she a beauty! 


Yup…she’s like an Ocean liner…and no Siena didn’t pay the ticket price!  Did you hear the “SCORE” that was sounding down the coastline?…well that was Siena!  The second “Score” was from her hubby Jack…you see we females are VERY smart!  We like to keep the original price on the purchase to remind you males of what it ‘Coulda’ cost’! haha


Yup, she’s a real beauty…and so is that Winding Way quilt top!  Siena made that top while at The Sands last winter.  She wants to quilt it in such away as to pop the subtle circle motif of the winding way.  Can’t wait to see how she does this!

We had a lovely visit with Siena and Jack!  And of course we got the royal tour…Rick and Jack went out to the workshop and Siena and I went immediately to the sewing room!  What a room!!  They originally built the room for their daughters to entertain in.  There is a huge pool table in the middle of the room…which is now a HUGE cutting table… I think Siena had secret plans all along to turn this room into a dream come true sewing room!  Amazing!

I, of course,  expressed my THANK YOUS for such an extraordinary and generous gift…and then in all the excitement…forgot to take a picture of the two of them in their wonderful home!  Sheesh!  AND why was Jack doing the ‘Happy Dance’ as we carted off the huge box containing the B-Line?  Hmmm…I will NEVER understand men!

We did get this shot of Siena’s arm, hand and slippered feet…feeding her ‘pet’ chipmunks!  Would you believe that they keep peanuts (in the shell) handy, and the chipmunks come right into the house and takes the peanut from their hand!  Our little dog, Rylie was MESMERIZED and now wants a ‘pet’ just like Chip! 


We had a few minutes before catching the ferry to do a quick walk through Gibson’s Landing!!  Gorgeous…and here’s Molly’s Reach from the old TV show ‘The Beachcombers’.


Of course I had to check out a few sales…


…before heading back to the ferries…as a VERY happy quilter clutching her box of B-Line bits and pieces!


So as Chip says… “This is the END”!


BUT I say this is just the BEGINNING…and it IS my blog!! 

Now I have to figure out WHERE and HOW to set up the B-Line and WHAT to do with it…so it might be a little while before I show you WHEN it is set up!   Oh yes…and then I have to think of a MACHINE?  (Dominoes just flashed before my eyes….)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!…and thanks again, Siena!! You are the best!   AND a big thank you to my hubby…it was a long day for him too…and not one word of complaint!!  What a guy!


  1. Can't wait to read more about your new gift Paulette! It looks like it would be great fun.
    And we need to visit your corner of the world - thanks for sneaking in a few photos for me to see!

  2. WOW!!!! Very cool!!! Can't to see her up & running!!

  3. Gorgeous scenery, definitely have to explore the west coast someday. I went to get a long arm when I got my pfaff, then the store was closing and could have gotten it and the table for under 4,000, could kick myself now.


  4. Woohoo! What fun! Two of my friends with b-lines use a Babylock light industrial that just does straight stitch and (apparently) is designed to sew non-stop for 12 hours a day. I'm interested to find out how your machine works out. Have fun!

  5. Wow! Congratulations! It's so nice to have friends!
    You do live in a gorgeous corner of the world!!!

  6. Arlene from Mill BaySeptember 11, 2012 at 1:58 PM

    Congratulations!!! have your feet touched the ground yet?
    You are going to love it....I sure do.

  7. What a gorgeous part of the world you live...so beautiful!
    Can't wait to see the frame set up and what you do on it..
    Have fun..
    Julia ♥

  8. Lucky you what a generous gift.

  9. What a beautiful view. Have fun with your new toy.

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Yes, we do live in a beautiful place with stunning scenery. And my family on the prairies thinks all it does is rain here! I've got to check out Gibson's Landing. I'm old enough to remember the TV show The Beachcombers. Enjoy your new quilting frame.
    Sharon in Victoria

  11. Congratulations Paulette! A great score! Opens up a whole new window into the quilting world for you. Enjoy!

  12. That Siena is like Mother Theresa! Wow, how generous of her. But then again, I'm sure she knows how much you would appreciate something like the B-Line.