Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UFO Busting…Number TWO!

YAHOO!!  Another UFO bites the dust!  That’s Number Two for September! 

(Sheesh…Am I ONLY finishing UFO Number TWO?  Feels like I have been Busting UFOs FOREVER!!)

This picture was taken back at the beginning of September… the Wee House Quilt was auditioning the old frame that I found at a GS while in Palm Springs last winter…Remember, we thought it looked kind of blah…


So I painted her up and here she is FINISHED!


OK…OK…I confess…as soon as I finished taking these photos, I popped the quilt out again as the frame is a tad bit tacky…and needs another day to dry!  So technically it’s not finished… but it will be by dinner time today! :o)P1200116

I spray painted the frame with this paint…the ONLY spray paint that I could find in this colour…and then when the frame was dry (well..sort of dry) using a foam block sander, gave it a quick once over to rough it up a bit!


This quilt finished out at 16” X 18”…not quite square, as this was the size of the frame. 


You can see that she is slightly off kilter.  When I put this wee quilt back into the frame tonight, I will make sure that she is nice and straight…ruler out and measure!…But for this morning…well…you get the idea!  All in all…I think she looks great! And besides SHE’S DONE! 

Another one bites the dust!  Oh yeah…another one bites the dust…Uhhh hah!  ( I miss my little musical note inserts! :o(  Where did that button go?!)

So back into the closet I go…looking for UFO Number THREE! 

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That looks FABULOUS! I have plenty of ufo's I'll send you if you don't find another to work on! I really love that and the first thing I thought was how much I'd like to do a little quilt. Then I remembered my own stack of ufo's...oh well...maybe someday I can retire and just sew. It could happen...

    Thanks for sharing! It's beautiful!

    Cheery wave from

  2. Nice work, Paulette, but I still don't see any garage sale signs in that new neighborhood. They must sell everything on-line, huh?

  3. great! I like the makeover on the frame. The little houses look perfect in it.

  4. It looks beautiful in the frame. I usually buy used frames or ones in the store on the sale rack, they look beat up, lol. I like sanding and staining, easier and quicker.


  5. Beautiful little quilt and the frame shows if off so well. I will make it one day, I have the pattern after all.

  6. Oh I do like this very much, it has a cosy feel aboout it. =)
    Can't wait to see #3.

  7. Hey baby you're singing my song...

    "Another one bites the dust, and another one's done...." LOL

  8. Congrats on finishing your UFO ! The frame looks so much better painted. A big pat on the back :-D

  9. Congrats on your finish! The new paint is perfect for your little quilt.

  10. That is the perfect paint color, girl, it looks gorgeous, congrats on a super finish!

  11. Congratulations Paulette. Your finish is fabulous.

  12. Looks great Paulette...love the little houses framed..
    Julia ♥

  13. I love your little houses. I've always wanted to do a house quilt, but haven't got it done yet. You did a great job with the frame.

  14. Your little quilt looks lovely in the frame. Well done on another UFO. How many UFOs do you have?? You can tell me, I won't breathe a word. :-)

  15. I remember when you purchased that frame. I was going to start looking at frames in thrift stores. Square ones are hard to find and that is what I want. I know I looked a bit and then forgot about it. Your post is a good reminder.

  16. Congrats on another UFO to be hung, love that color on your frame, rich and beautiful.