Sunday, September 2, 2012


Old Mother Hubbard went to cupboard…to find her blog followers some fodder…well you get the drift…so today you get CRUMBS!

Crumbs of what I have been stitching…Button Town, UFO…SEW…here’s how I ended up quilting this wall hanging …I auditioned stitching diagonally (yuck took away from the wee squares!) and then I tried stitching around each square set in by 1/4 inch (this too, took away from the look of the squares as they were too small to handle this).…so I went with the O'l’ditch method and as much as I hate ‘doing the ditch’ I’m so glad that I did!  It helped to pop the squares!


I hand quilted around each house and windows using a Valdani thread…thicker than machine sewing thread but thinner than perle cotton.  Wish I knew what weight of thread it is?  It comes on a long spool…in a plastic bag labeled Valdani…I bought several spools down South last year and it really is lovely stuff!

P1190823 P1190824

So I have finished quilting my UFO Button Town…buttons and binding on today!!


Hope you are satisfied with the crumbs…I’m hoping to feed you the full meal tomorrow!! :o)

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Beautiful crumbs! If that's just crumbs, I certainly con't need the whole loaf. (smile)

  2. Great job, Paulette. I think the thread is 12W. I love using it for embroidery.

  3. You have some nice crumbs and I'll be tuning in for the full meal deal
    since you, have once again, got my attention!

  4. Wonderful 'crumbs' - looks great to me!!


  5. Looking Wonderful! Gotta go with what makes the quilt happy!

  6. You've got some wonderful crumbs!

  7. Great quilting! In the ditch was a good choice for all those little squares... and I love the prim quilting on the houses! I'm stitching on a house themed quilt now and may just have to follow your lead with this quilting style!