Friday, September 21, 2012

A Quilter is BORN!

Do you remember Sandy from last winter…she was part of the Clubhouse quilters?  She had never quilted before…never made a quilt and didn’t know where to begin or end.  At first her sewing projects consisted of tops for herself and then little things for her grand baby…and while she sewed she watched the quilters.  Towards the end of the Snowbirding Season she showed up with a variety of flannels and announced that she would like to make a rag quilt similar to the one Karen had made earlier. 

Here are Sandy’s squares all sandwiched and ready to stitch!


By the time Sandy was stitching this together it was time for all Snowbirders to fly north for their second summer!

Well Sandy made two or three MORE rag quilters …and had begun to read blogs!  Oh OH!  Me thinks she was hooked! 

Sandy stumbled onto Pat Sloan’s Blog and heard about a Beginner’s Quilters Group…sponsored by Quilter’s Gallery!

               Beginner's Quilt-Along

Together they were forming a Beginner’s Quilt Along…and of course Sandy jumped right in!!  This was just what she needed!  They made one block per week…with step by step instructions!  (Would you believe that Sandy had to whip home while holidaying up-island for the instructions for the next block as she didn’t want to get behind!!)

I had lunch with Sandy yesterday and look at what she brought for Sharing!!  Her ‘Easy Peasy Summer Breezy Quilt’…all FINISHED and ready for quilting!


Sandy used her FREE Rounneries Deux Fabric! (We received Fat Quarters from each shop during the Spring Fling Quilt Shop Hop down in the Palm Springs area last March!)


Go ahead…expand those photos!!  The seams match and everything lines up!!  YEAH SANDY!!!  Magnificent!


YUP…we are talking to YOU!!  SUPER Quilter!!

P1200050This is the perfect project for the beginner quilter…With this one under Sandy’s belt she is ready to attack ANYTHING!!  P1200052

Yup…I HAVE to say it…A Quilter is BORN!! 

Thanks Pat Sloan and Michelle from Quilting Gallery for focusing on the beginning Quilter…after all..we all have to start somewhere! 

Look out Clubhouse Quilters, Sandy will begin her workshops in January!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Way to go, Sandy!! Great job! Welcome to the club :-)

  2. Beautiful! I love to see folks learning new things and being happy about it! Check out those seams!!! Whoo-hooo!

  3. Congratulations on a quilt well done!! =)