Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This and That…

    Bright and early yesterday morning, I headed out to Sawyer’s Sewing Centre in Victoria to get supplies for the ‘new’ Pfaff Grand Quilter.  I had run out of thread while practicing and needed I had questions…lots of questions…

So clutching my manual and list of supplies, I entered the store.  The nicest lady greeted me at the door, I showed her the manual and read off the list and she had everything that I needed in the basket before I could say ‘PFAFF’!  She answered my questions and showed me how to oil the brute (in FOUR spots…sheesh high maintenance or what!!) and I promptly signed up to take a lesson!  I figured that I had better learn everything there is to know about this baby and learn it well…especially on how to adjust tensions, foot pressure and even how to PROPERLY threading and oil the machine…and for only $25 that is a small price to pay!

When I got home I dumped out my bag of goodies…and do you see what I see…JANOME needles!P1200020

The Pfaff takes HLx5 needles…I wonder if Janome needles will fit the Pfaff?  Well one things for sure…I will phone and find out BEFORE I open a $16 package of needles because they may have to go back to the store!


While I was gone, Hubby was VERY busy too!!  Don’t you just love a man who is handy around the home?!


So we are almost half way there…Now comes the hard part…and they involve ropes and pulleys and chains and wheels…Can’t say we don’t know how to have fun in the spare bedroom! :o)

Have a wild Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. This is soooo exciting and thanks for keeping us updated. Can hardly wait to see it all set up. Happy for you

  2. Hm. And he's over there going on about cameras, and here you're doing something with ropes, pulleys and chains and wheels in the spare bedroom!
    I think I need to come by here more often and see what's going on.

  3. I can just imagine my husband doing that, he never reads the manuals, lol. I want to wait for a regular long arm, but am tempted, since I could use the machine as a back up when mine is in the shop and later get a new long arm if it fits the frame, more to think about;)


  4. You sound wildly giddy, you're having so much fun! Can't wait to see and hear more. I always though that PFAFF was a bad word...maybe Rick thinks it is, too!

  5. You are going to have "SEW" much fun!!

  6. Can't wait to see your first quilt off the PFAFF!