Friday, September 7, 2012

UFO Busting…Mambo #2!

Eeny Meenie Miny Mo…grab a bin and off I go!


Which is exactly what I did!  Do you remember these Wee Houses…from two years ago? I think I tossed the pattern out as it was BAD…phewy…icky…yucky…just plain NOT GOOD!  You can read about it HERE!


Having said that…these houses ARE sweet…maybe I was too hasty? 

I found the old frame that I bought at a GS in Palm Springs last Winter…it was still stashed behind the couch in the RV!!  Forgot about it!  Then I went on the search for some backing board.


I had to make some decisions about the border…originally I wanted to have a red border but the frame is not square…I would have had a smidgeon of red showing on the top and bottom and then about 2 inches on either side…not pretty! So I went with a beige print…which makes this problem not as noticeable…I will have to put some colour on the frame instead!


Then I marked the quilt top for hand quilting…


And made a quilting sandwich and basted it all together…and one final check before stitching…


  Which makes me wonder…what was I thinking?  It was relatively easy getting this little quilt to this stage…WHY has it been sitting in a bin for TWO YEARS? 

Oh well, regardless, it won’t take long to hand stitch this wee quilt while watching TV in the evenings!!

Come on…go to the cupboard and find a UFO of your own to finish!!  It’s a great feeling!!

                     GOAL~to make one Christmas Gift per month!

REMINDER…tomorrow is our Christmas QUILT-A-LONG!!  Hazel has volunteered to be our Hostess with the mostest!  Come and join in!  Finish off a Christmas project…or start a NEW one!

Also hop on over to Kaaren’s The Painted Quilt Blog for your First Friday Freebie!  As always, it’s DANG cute!!  Thanks Kaaren!

The Up Date on fellow blogger, Jackie from Blessed Beyond Belief is NOT good!  If you have been following Jackie’s ups and downs you will be saddened to hear that her dear husband lost his battle earlier this week.  You might want to pop over to offer your sympathiesit’s times like these when comments from friends mean the most!

I hope you have a fine Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That is so cute. I think I have a couple of those bins!!! LOL

  2. What a great idea, and now it is almost finished. Why do we wait to finish some things, that could be so simple. Love what you are doing with yours.

  3. Wow. I'm working 10 hours a day at my "real job" and working at the fabric shop and you make me feel like a sluggard! Look at you go on those ufo's! You're going to run out of room to store all those finished projects and have to send them to me if you aren't careful! Have a great friday!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  4. That would look so sweet with the doors and windows outlined in a running stitch...

  5. Oh, I definitely remember this project. I'm so glad you pulled this bin - love all the houses. The frame wasa huge SCORE! :-)

  6. I think I need to ask santa for plastic bins to hold all my ufo's, lol. I do that too, finally make something and wish I had done it sooner.


  7. You go girl... your trek has inspired me to keep going on my projects..

  8. That is so stinking cute! I really need to come up there and steal it away, while I hit some of your garage sales. It's really too cute!

  9. The beige border is just perfect for your little houses ! Love the picture frame idea

  10. Your little houses are adorable! I know you'll be glad you gave them a second chance!

  11. Hey, I remember those, lol! That turned out darling! I'll be praying for Jackie, how hard is that....

  12. It's gorgeous...the borders are perfect and it didn't take you so long to finish after all..
    Julia ♥

  13. so cute! There's something about wooden frames---I love to collect them! Got a bunch leaned up against a wall in my bedroom, waiting for something to go in them!
    The UFO I'd like to finish is -- a wintry scene, which like your houses, probably won't take long at all to get it done, if I just start! Maybe it'll hang in my home this Christmas!

  14. Those school houses are super!! There's just something about mini-school houses that thrills!

    doni @ Oregon coast