Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm Losing It!

I wish my camera would TELL me when I have forgotten to put in the camera card!  Yesterday I went to Nanaimo with Claire.  We, of course, hit every fabric shop between here and there...and I, of course, took pictures...GREAT PICTURES....yup, I snapped away... only to discover this morning, that my camera card was missing!  Errrr...I hate that!

I was going to show you pictures of the Snip and Stitch Quilt Shop...they had new quilts up by Kim Diehl, a great Majestic Mountains (very similar to Bonnie Hunter's version) and a stunner appliqued quilt by Edyta Sitar!  DARN!  They also had 25% off the whole store!

SEW...what I CAN show you is what I bought...:o))

I found Minkie fabric that I could afford to buy... without having to mortgage the house!  It was regularly $17.50 a metre (unheard of to be that cheap!) 25% off!  SCORE!!  I wanted something soft and cozy on the back of the Winter Trees Quilt...and this is perfect!  Go ahead...reach into the screen and touch it!!

I also bought a Janome Quilting in the Ditch Foot.  My quilting daughter has been raving about her's and she was shocked that mama didn't own one.  She uses it all the time and with great results...and now mama has one to play with too!

And fits my machine and it was 25% off!  SCORE!

 And I scored some 'low volume' fabric (who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks:o) aka...neutral fabric... for my 'low volume stash', plus more purple to add to the baby quilt fabric!
So all in all, not a bad haul for my SECOND fabric shopping trip this week!  Yikes!  I better stay home today...and SEW!  Now THAT'S a novel idea!! haha

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh well, it looks like you had lots of fun anyway. I like the look of that Stitch in the Ditch foot - I think I might need to look for one.

  2. Love the design of the purple fabric who made it Paulette? Is the newspaper fabric one of the Paint line? I love word fabrics.

    Don't you also hate it when you take a picture but the camera doesn't respond because of a dead battery!

  3. Glad you had some fun even though your camera wasn't working properly! My friend asked me what low volume fabric was and I told her we used to call it beige-lol. Hope you have fun with your Minkie!

  4. Beautiful things for new projects I see Paulette!

  5. Nice to see a Foot that isn't over $100 dollars. Love my Janome! Thanks for sharing your bounty. My Camera won't take pictures without the SD card. I always have my trusty Sprint phone to take pictures if the camera isn't available. Not losing it - just a minor Opps! Low Volume- Neutrals!

  6. My camera will save about 15 pictures to its internal memory. I've forgotten a few times to put in my scan disc and when I plugged the chord in from wall to camera, at least I had those 15 pictures. I hope you might be lucky and be able to retrieve a few too.

  7. That's a great price for a quilting foot! I'm always forgetting to recharge my camera, then I take pics and the battery instantly dies.:)

  8. Oh no! Maybe you will have to go back...

    The Minkee will be nice on the back of your trees quilt. I have not tried Minkee yet. Any tips?

  9. I enjoyed your blog even if you didn't show the pictures. The minkie fabric looks great. I will be interested to hear how you like quilting with it. Have a great Friday. Hugs, Lyn