Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Toot! Toots!

As in TWO Tutorials!  I’m talking VIDEO tutorials and the two in question are put out by Missouri Stars Quilt Co!

Now if you are a quilter, and I am assuming that you are…then you will already know about Missouri Quilt Company’s Videos!  Awesome videos…and there are TONS of them!  They are helpful, clear to understand, and informative, often helping you to make the quilt easier and better, even faster!

For instance, I need to making bunting…you know a banner…some people call them pennants.  I was going to cut out a bunch of isosceles triangles, sew them together and then fasten them to some kind of lace, ribbon or casing to hang.  BUT before I started I ‘googled’ ‘How to make a Banner’ and low and behold I get Jenny from Missouri Star up to old tricks…She has a way to make a banner using ONE piece of fabric…layer cake size…and it is genius, easy and fast!  BRILLIANT!

After watching this video, I am all set!!  THANK YOU, JENNY!

Then yesterday, Claire sent me the link to Jenny’s Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt Video!  The sweetest quilt…looks difficult but it is super easy!!  Just watch the video and grab a layer cake! 

You’ve got to love these videos put out my Missouri Star!  They are the BEST!  Thanks Jenny!  We love them ALL…just keep ‘em coming!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. ya know I have never taken a video class which is a great idea for someone who is time crunched! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Yes, love Missouri Q Company. That's where I learn how to do the Disappearing Four patch. I do find the music annoying though. Whatcha making the banner for?

  3. I love her video's. I plan to visit her shop this summer. Exciting! Although, I hope she will be there.

  4. Disappearing Pinwheel is GENIUS! love it!

  5. Jenny was a quilt store in Richmond, VA last September. I was one of the lucky people who signed up to hear her talk. She was as approachable as she seems on the videos.
    She likes to make half square triangles by sewing around the edges. My problem with it is that the edges have bias. She makes it work (in fact a more recent video the bias is needed because the centre is a half inch different to the parts around it), and says the bias helps.
    The other problem I had with the method was that the finished size was not standard and for that reason I sat down and worked out how to make blocks of 3", 6", 9", 12" and 15". So that I can find the information at a later date I wrote it up as a tutorial on my blog. I guess I'm being cheeky here, but if you are interested the tutorial is at:
    I have been following your blog for just over a year now, I enjoy seeing all the wonderful creations you, your friends and daughter create.

  6. Great videos - I've made bunting by cutting out the shapes (not fun), and that looks like such a better way. I better look for layer cakes in Oregon! Loved how easy that block was. Thanks!

  7. I have seen some videos of Missouri Quilts and found them very helpful and well done. Thank you.

  8. Hi Sweet P, I know you're going to love this idea. However, I don't know where you live in Canada? Any way chech out, I know you like to shop-hop.
    I love Missouri Star Quilt Co. Videos too, I used her mini envelopes to make a border on my last wall hanging .
    Warm regards, Debby, Wisconsin

  9. Jenny has great video tutorials. I often watch them!

  10. thanks so much for the video link, have just watched the disappearing pin wheel how good is that, can see me checking out more of these videos but where do I find the time!!

  11. That Missouri star is something else. I am visiting her shop in July, so excited. Love all her shortcut..
    Hugs, Maggey

  12. Have you seen the Missouri Star's new "magazine"? For $5.99, you get more what I'd call a book, with no advertisements and beautiful photography, that has patterns she has done videos on. You can order it at their website. I'm not sure how often they are produced, but there have been two so far and they just started this year.