Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thimbleberries Lives On…

YAHOOO!!  Another UFO bites the dust! 

Now this UFO is special…About FIVE YEARS ago a fellow quilter brought this little unfinished Thimbleberries mat and two placemats to Hand Quilting..threw them down on the free table, along with a bunch of fabric and said she was cleaning house!  After the dust settled, the mat and placemats remained…no one wanted this poor little unfinished project!  Everyone said they had enough UFOs to sink a sewing room…so you guessed it!  I rescued this UFO from extinction. 

I brought it home and it promptly went into my UFO bin…yup some rescue!  It moved from one quilter’s UFO Bin to another and I confess it stayed there for FIVE long years!

When I was over at Claire’s I saw THIS on the back of her couch…and bells and whistles went off!  It was the same little Thimbleberries quilt that I had ‘rescued’…Sew cute…and looked perfect on the back of her couch!P1200989

Can guess what I did when I got home?  Yup, I dumped the UFO bin and there she was…just waiting…


P1210159  I machine quilted them on the mid-arm…no dilly dallying here…:o)


…then put binding on the large mat…


and turned the two placemats into pillows (yet to be stuffed)!  


The camera makes the background look stark white but they aren’t…they are a soft creamy white…perfect!!

So tomorrow after Heritage, I will pick up some stuffing for the pillows and they will be done!!  DONE!…after ten PLUS years as a UFO!  And the best part….I LOVE them!  Absolutely LOVE them!  Such a wonderful Christmas present to ME!  Who knew? 

Maybe you have a Christmas present or two…hiding away in your UFO bin/bins too?  I dare you…go and dump it out!  You might be pleasantly surprised!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Great save with wonderful results.

    Merry Christmas to YOU.

  2. You deserve a gold star for saving this sweet UFO! Congratulations on it's completion and may you enjoy it for years to come :)

  3. AAAAdorable!! I wish I had those in MY UFO bin---I do have the book---maybe I'll just start them FOR MY UFO bin. LOL

  4. I wish I did have them in my UFO bin but the truth is I have the book the patterns are in and there is a big post-it note stuck to the page. My long bucket list! Maybe I will stick to my guns and get it done in January because it isn't strictly a Christmas quilt and I do still love the pattern. Thanks for the cattle prod!

  5. Looking Good! It had mellowed just right in the UFO bin, and was obviously bursting to finally come out!

  6. Awesome! It looks great and your quilting is wonderful also. Love the stars in the quilting.

  7. Perfect! Just love them! Your machine quilting looks amazing!

    Cheery wave!

  8. Always good to finish something started years ago! I have a wool Santa pillow yet to become a pillow. Maybe I should get it out and finish it too.

  9. What a genius idea to turn the place mats into pillows! Your UFO finishes look great :o)

  10. Well about time you got them done! lol. They look great too.

  11. So cute, should inspire me to get something done this winte!

  12. Boy I bet they're happy to be out of the UFO bin, lol, they are great, hon, good job!!! You give me hope, you really do. Someday I'll have some UFO's done too.

  13. Can you tell us what the name of the pattern is? I'd like to see if I can find it.

  14. Those look wonderful on your couch, beautiful quilting.


  15. Now I just love that!! And I love Thimble berries. you know we have a Thimble berries club at our local fabric shop every year.

  16. These are gorgeous!! Definitely a gift for you!! Isn't it nice to finish a UFO. Such gratification.... Makes me wonder why we all have so many ufo's.

  17. Great job on the UFO! Are you using the mid arm a lot?

  18. Good on you, UFO's are flying at your house.