Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What’s on Your Wall This Wednesday…

OK…so it’s on my floor…and yes I AM making progress on my Cathedral Windows…albeit slow progress!


Three blocks completed and I’m machine stitching them…(no close-ups here…haha)


This will definitely be a SMALL quilt!  I have a new found admiration for anyone who has made a big Cathedral Window quilt!  I bow to you!  Oh yes I do….  It’s definitely not for the faint of heart…but having said that I DO love this block!!  And I love the fabric…it’s mostly Jan Patek’s newest fabric  line called ‘Front Porch’  with a sprinkle of Edyta Sitar’s Jelly Bean fabrics.

Would you believe it’s been a WHOLE month since I ordered my temporary Driver’s License and it STILL not here!!  (Remember…I had my purse stolen!)  I have phoned them (ICBC) FOUR times…and three times the temporary license has gone to my HOME address!!    Let’s hope that this fourth time they’ve got it right! 

Thanks to Sandy and hubby I haven’t become park bound…sheesh!  But it’s so annoying not to be able to run here and there on a whim!! I can’t even go to Von’s for milk… And I’m sure JoAnn is missing me!

But enough whining…today I’m off to Clubhouse for more quilting fun!!  I need to prep a project for the long ride home!  Maybe when I get back to the RV that cute UPS man will be waiting…after all, I’ve got  people to meet, PLACES TO GO, things to DO!!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy stitching!~P


  1. That is coming along beautiful and will be a stunning quilt. It is nice that you have the clubhouse to work in and get more projects ready.


  2. It is a beautiful block. Saw one last year at the Aurora Quilt show...stunning.

    Sorry, I didn't realize your purse was stolen. Well..maybe the license will show up in time for you to head back home.

    Enjoy quilting today.

  3. What??? I missed your purse getting stolen--here in the States?? Disastrous--stupid punks!!

  4. Your Cathedral Windows are stunning. I've barely made a dent in mine. It will be small!!!

  5. I have always loved the cathedral windows block/quilts. You are doing a lovely job on it. On my screen it looks a wee bit Christmasy. I enjoy reading your blog. I am from eastern Manitoba - originally from the Banff area. So nice to see fellow Canadian bloggers.

  6. Playing catch up!!:) What beautiful quilts and projects! You always do a great job sharing, Paulette!!:)

  7. Bummer about your license. It might sound glamorous to be chauffeured around, but having the car to myself is a real luxury! I give you props for even doing a small cathedral window. Good job!

  8. I missed your purse being stolen, too. So sorry this happened to you. Love all the quilts you have been showing and kicking myself for missing the quilt shows you get to and I live here.