Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pismo Beach…

We made it!!  We are all set up at Pismo Beach Village RV Park…right on the beach!  Gorgeous!!

Our drive up the coast was wall to wall traffic…FREEWAYS!  Yikes!  I was too nervous to stitch and then when the traffic thinned out the views became spectacular…

The wildflowers this year are glorious!  Take a peak…


'Then add the sea views to the mix…absolutely stunning!IMG_1589

And the beach was amazing…


I think Rylie said it best…man, she was excited!


This was her the WHOLE time we were at the beach!!


Yup…Rylie is definitely a BEACH DOG!  YAHOOO!

Maybe I will have something quilty tomorrow….??  Notice, I said ‘maybe’…

Have a wonderfully wild Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Welcome Paulette to my world...a little slice of heaven! Enjoy! Safe travels home...hugs, Elaine at the Beach

  2. Just breathtaking and Rylie sure does love it!

  3. Beautiful flowers and I'm with Rylie, I love being on the beach.

  4. I say just enjoy that fabulous beach. Wow! Does that ever make me want to head to the ocean!!

  5. Looks amazing! I miss the sounds and smell of the ocean. It's REALLY ,REALLY quiet here, missed you on my walk yesterday.... enjoy!

  6. Yahoo! You can never get the 'coast' out of girls system! Spent the week-end in Ucluelet and had a similar experience. We are sooooooo fortunate! safe travels.

  7. I used to live across the street from one of the RV parks in Pismo on the beach. There is so much to do besides walking the beach. Check out downtown SLO on Thursday night - there were fabric stores galore - one in each little town and a couple in SLO and Santa Maria. Have fun - really envy you and enjoy that bit of paradise.

  8. Just got back from spending a nice four day weekend over Easter right across the bay from Pismo - Avila Beach. I can still smell the ocean air and hear the surf. WooHoo for you and your dawgs.

  9. Run, Rylie, Run!! Bet she sleeps good tonight. Pismo Beach is a great place to stay - we loved it there. Enjoy!

  10. What beautiful pictures- thanks for sharing! Rylie looks pretty happy and I swear she's smiling in those pictures!:) I agree, kick back and enjoy the beautiful scenery! Have fun!

  11. I think Rylie is having a wonderful time at the beach - pure joy and happiness in her right now.
    Hugs - Karen