Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do You Feel My Pain??

Yup… ‘The Fat Quail Quilt Shop’ is CLOSED ON MONDAYS!! “NOOOOOooooo!” ..rest stop for us!


But on a lighter note…my ‘Summertime’ blocks by Primitive Gatherings are DONE…finally!


Definitely my favourite block…


Why did those last two blocks take me so long to stitch?


Eureka!  No, I don’t have the answer…That’s where our travels took us…EUREKA, California!!  Cold and windy…long pants and jackets are on!  :o(

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. That is the bad thing when traveling, never know when a store is open;) Love your quilt, it came out beautifully and will be beautiful when it is all together. I bet you are going to notice a big change as you travel up, no more warm california weather.


  2. Hey, if you are coming up the coast in Oregon stop in at Toledo Oregon (20 min inland from Newport) Shop is called Quilt Cottage and its open on Sun Mon 11-4 rest of the week 10 am. But, they have shops in most of the coastal town Brookings, Coos Bay. Enjoy! Forget Something to Crow About in Springfield. Sally from Oregon

  3. I love your wool blocks! Congrats on getting them all stitched!!

  4. Those wool blocks look great. Once you get home, you'll have it sewn together in no time. Then on to quilting it. No lovely California weather here today, just cool and grey.

  5. You must be so disappointed to find a quilt shop and it's closed. The blocks are looking lovely, they'll be fast to put together.

  6. Paulette,
    I feel your pain, I parked and got out to look to check their hours and also groaned. But I lucked put, she was there sewing and heard my car door shut and opened up for us. I had noticed her car outside and had thought to knock but didn't.

    Maybe we will see each other on the coast. Just about to leave from Crescent City, taking it slow.

    First stop will be Brookings.

  7. Sorry the quilt shop was closed but your blocks are absolutely beautiful.

  8. Well, one out of two isn't bad... beautiful blocks!!! Shouldn't quilt shops be open 7 days a week!!

    Good luck at your next stop.
    blessings, jill

  9. Paulette..if you stop in the one in Toledo, my friends wool is sold there..and yes, many shops are closed on Mondays. Any idea when you will be thru Portland? Would love to meet you if I can swing it.

  10. Love to pop in and watch your travels especially while you've been in Bay Area...that's where I grew up and family still lives.

  11. Love, Love, Love your Summertime blocks - they are beautiful!