Friday, April 12, 2013

Home Again…

Home again..jiggity jig! 

We got home last night, tired but very happy!  It’s wonderful to go away on a holiday but man, it feels good to be HOME!!

The tulips and daffodils are blooming and all the trees are flowering… and the green is hurting my eyes…what a lovely welcoming!

But enough about THAT…you have been waiting patiently for the rest of the Pioneer Quilting Shops’ pictures!

Well wait no more!

P1230086                P1230093P1230094P1230095

Ooops!  They have been too busy making pennies and quilts to dust!!  Yay…I’m not alone!!  :)



I LOVED this quilt!!  STUNNING!!




You guessed it…LOVE IT!!


Throughout the shop they have these little framed blocks…wouldn’t they make wonderful gifts!


And their Christmas ROOM was spectacular!!



Sweet woolie ornaments…


Not to be left out…Spring had a table all it’s own!



And of course I had to end with this quilt…I bought the pattern last year…I need a little reminder (and a wee kick in the keester) to get ‘er out and get ‘er done!


So ends our little West Coast Shop Hop…hope you had as much fun as I did….Nahhhh…just NOT possible!

Well…it’s Christmas morning here on our little hill over-looking Satellite Sound…yup, I get the PLEASURE of unloading the 5th wheel!!  (insert HAPPY DANCE!!) I wonder what Santa has stored for me under the couch, in the closets, up in the cupboards and in ‘that’ basement!!  Who can remember….??  And it is FINALLY light enough outside for me to start unwrapping!! haha

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Welcome home Paulette! This mornings post was sweet candy for my eyes and quilter's soul! Stunning, visual delights! Thanks for that. What is it about baskets? Do you know? I mean there were soooo many lovely quilts and then came the baskets and my heart skipped a beat. Don't know what it is but the shape never fails to please. On Saturday you will see some started basket squares. Have a good christmas.

  2. I love seeing the patterns worked up, lots that I would love to make too.


  3. LOVE IT! Yep, it will be like Christmas unloading the "loot"! Then organizing, then " I remember that..."hopefully NOT " WHY? did I buy that???" No, never!!!!! HAH. Welcome home. We go tomorrow!

  4. OMG, I want to go to that quilt shop. Loved all the store samples, especially the large baskets quilt. So many cute Christmas ornaments. Is the candle mat with the pumpkins hand button-hole stitched or machine? I think this one would be so sweet at Thanksgiving.
    I know you're going to have a wonderful day going through the 5th wheel, not so much the putting away.
    Welcome home, sorry the sun isn't shining, but as you can see, spring has sprung!

  5. Oh My! What a wonderful quilty parade!! It's so hard to choose a favorite!!!

  6. I'm glad you made it back home safe and sound. I know what you mean about vacations being fun but how nice it is to get home. I love all these pictures, but I especially love the picture of that Cheri pattern, Sweet Land of Liberty. I have that started and dang it every time I see it on a blog I want to haul it out and work on it!

  7. Glad your home safe. Waiting to see you post your loot from Pioneer Quilts. Love that shop, sort of glad it's not too close-lol!

  8. Nice to have you back safe and sound. Your show today was wonderful...saw several quilts that were stunning...and love the basket quilt at the end!

  9. I have enjoyed the shop tour. Did your wallet enjoy it? I know it has to be good to get back home and to larger living quarters.

  10. Nice post. My fave quilt was the stars and applique one. And a whole Christmas ROOM??? wow.

  11. Glad you're home safe and sound. Hugs Dear Paulette.

  12. i did a quilt like your 6th picture and used red for the solid colors parts . we have it on our bed

  13. Glad to know you are back home safe and sound. Your road trip certainly sounds fun. I enjoyed all the photos and inspiration.

    Have a Happy Summer....and enjoy the beauty all around.


  14. Oh P. I wish my homecoming had been like yours! We are still holed up at our friends as winter will not leave us! Loved, loved, all the posted quilts. The individual creativity of people heh?

  15. Oh I want like everyone of those quilts!! :) Hugs, Mary