Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday I promised you a peek at my Buggy Barn loot....I hope you won't be disappointed! I am THRILLED with the books that I bought as I love the new stitchery books coming out of Australia. I thought that a lot of these projects could be completed while driving/camping in the 5th wheel or while watching TV.

The good news is I got a yard of fabric FREE because I spent so much! The bad news is I spent too much! ha ha! I chose this fabric because I am working on a quilt that needs a border and I think this will be perfect.

A magazine to read while driving home AND it was in the $2 bin! I DO like a bargain!

A FREE pattern that I thought had potential.....

A bundle of fat quarters (20) called Christmas Magic by Lynette Anderson. I should take it apart so that you can see the adorable snowmen and reindeer. They are just too cute.

A felt table topper pattern that reminded me of my daughter's wedding (perfect Christmas gift???!!) The crow represents the Crows' Nest Pass where they were married and the Ball jar reminds me of her table vases which were the antique (old?) blue Ball Mason jars. Very sweet...

Two yards of Pumpkin and Spice fabric and Pattern. I am a sucker for Whimsicals Patterns, fabric and books. Love them!

I saw this little book on the net and have wanted it ever since. It is by Anni Downs and is called Simple Pleasures. Reminds me of Leanne's House/Garden which I also love. Have a peek inside the book-

It is filled with little stitchery patterns and ways to use them. Very sweet!

I had to buy my own copy of this book even though I could have borrow it from my friend Claire. Love all the patterns in this book especially the dog quilt on the cover and this dog and flower quilt......

I think I will use the flower block in other quilts.

I saw this book at the Road to California this winter and have been dreaming of it ever since.....some books are just like that.....It is called Charmed and Dangerous by Heather Peterson. Some lovely patterns in this book.

And finally another stitchery book called "An Angels Story" by Anni Downs (same quilter as Simple Pleasures!) I love this book-it is filled with different angels and little stories to go with each angel. I have included a picture of the shopping angel-Charlotte the Shopper. Like Charlotte, who shops for things she must have, I just had to have this book! With each angel comes ideas on where you could use her eg. on a cushion, bag, runner, quilt....and the patterns to complete the projects.

I think she looks a lot like me.....

These are quilts using all the angels. Very cute!

So what do you think? Not bad for about 40 minutes of shopping! Can't wait to go back next year!


  1. Phew! What a haul! I'll bet they are looking forward to next year too.

  2. You did do well, All in one place? thanks for showing us your loot

  3. Good grief, all that in 40 minutes? Whatever would happen if you went on a shop hop type of trip?

    I love the shopping angel, she reminds me of someone. Now who could that be.... Me? No, never.....

  4. Have credit card...will buy LOTS of goodies! Terrific purchasees.

  5. You done good girl!!! I have several of the patterns that you purchased. You will love them. Love your fabric too!

  6. Hello, just popped over from Daisy Quilts.
    Wow! Lovely and plenty there to keep you busy. Have fun!
    Molly and Rylie are oh so cute!

  7. Well done...all that in one place!
    Now that's good shopping!
    Have fun with that lot..
    Julia ♥